Christmas wish-list!

Whew!  That last post was a doozy.  Time for something more light-hearted.  How about a Christmas list?

Here’s what I want:

  • Reliable 4-wheeled transportation!
  • A raise, and/or a better job for the spouse-man
  • A real bathtub.  Like, the kind that fills with enough water to actually submerge myself in.
  • cute wrist sweatbands – nothing to do with rice-baby, and everything to do with the fact that I get cold ridiculously easily!
  • an external hard drive for my computer, chock full o’ memory
  • an external battery backup for my computer and alarm clock (seriously, who makes an alarm clock WITHOUT battery backup? *shakes head*)
  • sparkly, dangly, jingly jewelry
  • Mary Kay Warm Amber perfume 😀
  • a spa day
  • books on attachment parenting
  • a baby sling (purchased or made!)
  • a car seat to go with the aforementioned 4-wheeled transportation
  • a breast pump
  • new cd’s from Heather Dale or Emerald Rose
  • nice (not cutesy!), gender-neutral wall decals (I could copypaste those all day…)
  • …god, I don’t know.  What do pregnant wimmins need?  What do babies need?  A crib I guess?  (I follow a blogger who swears by co-sleeping.  Having spent most of college unconsciously beating the crap out of my then-boyfriend – who luckily forgave me and married me anyway – I think that might be a terrible idea.)
  • A jacuzzi in the backyard and a redone, much bigger kitchen and a supercool computer with all the bells and whistles that hooks up to a giant flat-screen tv.  And a motorized self-cleaning cat box.  And a year’s worth of a cleaning service.  And a pony.

Obviously I don’t expect to get all of these 😛 



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