Tomato alien

8 weeks, 3 days.

That’s the official word as of the ultrasound this morning.  Puts my due date, apparently, at June 29th.

So my mother told me about this trick.  It relies on the fact that, statistically, you’re not likely to give birth ON your due date.  So on the day of, you go out to dinner.  When someone asks (and they will), when you’re due, you tell them “Today!”  And then watch as they walk on eggshells around you 🙂

Since it’s a couple weeks further along than I thought, my rice-baby is technically bigger than a grain of rice now.  Based on the picture I got back, we’ve determined that it is now an alien tomato-baby.  (Cuz it kinda looks like if a deformed roma tomato mated with a bug-eyed alien…)  All except my roommate, who insists that it is a chupacabra.

I actually started tearing up when I heard the heartbeat.  I was surprised at myself, cuz I’m not usually that sentimental, and then I remembered – oh yeah, I’m weepy all the time right now.  It’s actually one of my default three settings, along with cranky and sleepy.

On the up-side, this means only one more month of perma-nausea!  Yaaay!


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