In which I flail and squee incoherently


So I was at the doctor’s, right?  And he tried to find the baby’s heartbeat so I could hear it again, but failed, so he said “Screw it; we’re going whole hog here” and pulled in this like portable sonogram machine thing.  (Because they’d already done a whole bunch of tests so I was already in a flimsy doctor’s office gown thingie, so it really wasn’t that big of a deal to do one more thing.)  And he started poking at my belly, and found the ricebaby… and it moved!

I don’t just mean it wriggled; this was full-on “Oh sweet Jesus WTF is that thing pressing down on me GO AWAY GO AWAY *FLAIL*!!!”  Like little half-formed arms and legs waving all over the place in protest.  It was hilarious and adorable and I’m still kinda squee.


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