So… I’m finding that I occasionally find it hard to post, not because I don’t have a topic in mind, but because I’m not sure if the topic I have fits with the “theme” of the blog. ‘Cuz blogs have to have a theme, right? All the blog-writing-advice websites say so. And so far the theme seems to be parenting as it applies to social issues, or social issues as they apply to parenting, one or the other. So I find myself searching for ways to connect, however tenuously, my social issue of the hour to how it affects my daughter, and my latest baby-news to some sort of political or philosophical statement, and sometimes it just doesn’t work. (Not to mention sometimes I just want to write out my thoughts on something completely unrelated to either.)

So. I’m not doing that anymore. Yes, feminist-parenting is still the overarching theme of this blog, but dammit, not everything can be political and not everything can be baby-related and sometimes it’s ok to be neither.

(Not that I think this really matters, ‘cuz I’m pretty sure I have, like, a reader, but at least I have now formally given myself permission to post more often and hopefully that’ll lend itself to getting more readers. Maybe? Perhaps?)


One thought on “Randomly…

  1. Since I haven’t seen anything on since (which is totally fine given the hectic baby life that has been ongoing) you totally have permission to post whatever you want.

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