This is why I can’t read the news…

Content note: violence against children, rape, racism, Trayvon updates

So the other day I was just chillin’ at the Einstein’s, killing time.  And there was a newspaper.  And I thought to myself, “Hey, self, we haven’t read a newspaper in forever – let’s pick up this here front page section and see what’s going on in the world!”

So I start flipping idly through it, and the first thing I come across is… a story about the testimony a mother is preparing to give about the incident when she saw her two sons shot dead right in front of her outside of a bar.  It described how the boys – age 20 and 22, if I recall correctly – were trying to run as they were gunned down.  How their killer fired even more shots into their dying bodies as their mother watched.  How he then pointed the gun at her and said something to the effect of “you want some too, bitch?”  It described how his lawyer thought he might get away with it due to the Stand Your Ground defense.

I almost burst into tears.  I almost threw up.  I had to walk away and go shake in the corner for a few minutes, hoping no one would notice. 

Apparently since I became a mom, I am hyper-sensitive to children being harmed – like, to the point where I can’t even watch or read fictional descriptions of it.  Apparently this also extends to adult “children” when told from the POV of their mother.  The thought of something happening to my daughter, of being there and seeing it and being helpless to stop it… it’s absolutely the worst thing I could imagine.  I can’t even imagine an “after” of something like that; it would end my world.  So for a while there I was good for nothing but taking deep breaths and hugging my baby (who wasn’t sure why she was suddenly being squeezed tight, and wasn’t sure if she liked this new development…)

Eventually I went back to the paper.  Turning the page, there was a story about a serial rapist who may be set free soon.  At this point I said “check, please” and turned to the damn comics instead.


…speaking of the Stand Your Ground law, this happened.  George Zimmerman’s brother got butthurt that someone called his racist murderous brother a racist murderer.

…Ok, to be fair, I see where he’s coming from.  I, too, love my brother.  Love him to death.  If he were ever accused of doing something horrible, I would believe with every fiber of my  being that he was innocent, and I too would happily ignore any evidence to the contrary.  I would fight for him like a mama bear.

But, dude?  A kid is dead.  He’s dead because of your brother’s actions.  Even if you think he was perfectly justified at the time in taking those actions, the kid is still dead.  Trayvon Martin is still dead, his family still grieves, and your brother made that happen.

Now may not be the time to engage in attacking people because “he’s totally not racist, I swear!”  Makes people think you don’t care about the child shot dead for no reason.


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