Election night

So very drunk right now.  So hopeful.  So nervous.

Keep flashing back to the first election of my adult life. 2000. I was 20.  Curled up w/SpouseMan (then BoyfriendMan) on his loft bed, watching the returns in his dorm.  Watching the haggard look on Jon Stewart’s face (at about midnight) as he said “look, when we said ‘Indecision 2000, IT WAS A JOKE!!!'” 

The fact that they’re arguing Ohio makes me so nervous.

FL – the county they’re waiting on is Miami-Dade.  Fucking Miami.  Motherfucker, do you really think Miami is gonna back Romney?  Miami is, like, 120% Cuban, and Obama has the Latino vote locked up.  Are we really expecting a surprise here?

Doesn’t matter. 

Won’t breathe, won’t sleep til I hear a concession.

EDIT: GOP: “How do we become electable again?” By ceasing to be assholes. I have a lot of friends who are Republican by preference. We may not always agree but I trust them to be, well, sane. They will not vote for the current Republican candidates.

You could argue that this is good. More votes for us! But in reality, I would be far happier with a Republican candidate that I could, if not agree with, at least stand – evdn if it meant the race was tighter.

Honestly, I don’t even know what my party stands for anymore. All I know is that our candidates seem to be on speaking terms with lucidity. I long for the day when both parties can claim at least that much, and I can actually judge on issues rather than basic competence and decency. I’d like to be able to take those two as a given in both major candidates.

EDIT: interesting to watch Obama supporters in Chicago. Black ladies: dancing. Black men: divided. Middle-aged white women: either not dancing, or dancing badly. Old white women: dancing, not well, but enthusiastically: god bless’m. White men: I’m sure they were there, but didn’t see enough to know if they were dancing or not.

Me: dancing like a drunk woman. Which I am.

EDIT: fuckmothering sweaty ballsacks why is my streaming video crapping out now??? Goddammit I want a concession speech from that shitweasel and I want it live.

EDIT: …out of swear words to describe how mad i am that i cannot watxh the speeches. NM. Bed now; too sleepy to fight for it. Victory is ours, even if i can’t watch it happen.


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