After the election


Honestly, it did not even seem real until I finally got to watch the speeches the next morning.  I’m so incredibly relieved I can hardly express it.  It feels like I can breathe again.

Some thoughts, in no particular order:

* Do not drink and blog.  I’m afraid to even look back and see what ridiculousness dribbled off my fingers that night.  Also and relatedly, babies?  Totally do not care that you stayed up way too late and drank too much the night before.  They don’t even care about politics, if you can believe it!  Su wanted to be very clear in letting me know that my poor decisions were not her problem, and she still wanted her regularly-scheduled 5 am feeding and diaper change and snuggle, thank you very much.  🙂

* Did you know people in Miami were still at the polls at midnight?  People in Miami were totally still at the polls at midnight.  I kinda think that’s awesome.  Yes, the fact that it means we still don’t have a result for Florida makes Florida look electorally incompetent, AGAIN, but you know what?  I think that’s better than letting Governor Skeletor get away with his fairly blatant, arguably-racist attempts at voter suppression.  If people still waiting to vote for the president after the president has already been announced makes FL a laughingstock again, maybe that’ll shame him into not trying this shit anymore.

* Bill O’Reilly is a racist, classist asshat.  In other news, fire still hot, water still wet.

* Hey, I know we’re all being classy and gracious and non-partisan here, but can I just take a small moment to gloat?  I mean… there’s just been so much fucking condescension and smug superiority from the Romney crowd during this whole thing, can I just take one small childish moment and just go neener neener neener!!!!  Pretty please?

* On that same note, every time I hear a conservative bemoaning the end of America as we know it and saying they’re gonna move to Canada (or Australia, lol), I’m torn between thinking “welcome to our world aaaall through the Bush years” and “Oh for God’s sake grow a sense of proportion.” (Also, I am so sick of being told that the only people who voted for Obama are slackers and freeloaders on food stamps. Yes, in part this is because I am currently on food stamps, and I’m not goddamned ashamed of that. As a friend pointed out to me, I paid taxes to make sure that safety net was there if I ever needed it; I need it now, and that’s ok. I hate the demonization that people who vote for or use social programs do so because we want free stuff – in reality it’s because we’ve had an eye-opening into how fragile financial security can be, and how easy it would be to lose everything and get into real trouble if there wasn’t at least some help, just to tide you over until you’re back on your feet.)

* So glad I’m not the only one who noticed that Romney’s classy, gracious resignation speech really, uh… wasn’t.

* So uh… yeah. A lesbian senator, an openly-atheist bisexual in the House, 3 states that voted to allow gay marriage and one that voted against an amendment to block it… tolerance and equality is just bustin’ out all over. Feelin’ pretty good about that. (A note on those votes. On the one hand, I firmly believe that rights should NOT be subject to a vote. That’s why they’re rights; the majority does not grant them, the majority cannot take them away. On the other hand… every time a court upholds LGBT rights – like they should – we hear a lot of blather from the right that they’re “legislating from the bench” and the “will of the people,” blahh di fucking blah. So even though I kinda feel like same-sex marriage SHOULDN’T have been on the ballot… I also think it was important that it was, and that it passed, if only to put that particular talking point to bed.)

* Although most voter guides were advocating voting no on all of the (many, many) amendments here in FL, a few of them passed. That’s ok. They were the ones about tax breaks to seniors and veterans and veteran’s widows, and while I still don’t think those belong in the state Constitution, and I do worry that it’s going to affect funds for education, I can’t really be upset about tax breaks for widows, y’know? 🙂 But! Amendment 1 (i.e. “fuck you, Obamacare!”): denied. Amendment 6 (“oh noez abortion!”): denied. Amendment 8 (“hey I know, let’s give public funds to religious schools!”): denied. And my personal favorite, Amendment 5 (“we failed 9th grade civics class! Balance of powers say whaa?”): denied, denied, denied. Srsly, it only got like 37%. Voters read that shit and went “not just no, but hell no.”

* Dear Republicans: do you REALLY think Democrats campaigned so frantically hard against you and wooed over so many independants and even moderate Republicans because you weren’t conservative ENOUGH? Seriously? Have you lost all touch with reality? Look: we fought so hard, and you lost so many of your own people, because you took a left turn straight into Cloud Cuckooland territory. The over-the-top misogyny, the determination that no one deserves rights exceptthose who meet your exacting standards, the sheer contempt for the poor and hurting, the blatant disregard for the separation of church and state – that’s what lost the election for you. You wanna know how to come back from this loss? KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF, THAT’S HOW.

* …I’ve been reminded that it is ableist and hurtful to equate mental illness with the virulent vitriol and illogic of the right, and therefore I tried very, very hard to write that last paragraph without using terms like “insane,” “crazy,” or “complete and utter fucknuts buggy.” It was harder than you might think.

* Oh hey, didja notice that all the people being dismissive about rape and rape-related topics lost? Funny coincidence, that. It’s almost like people don’t think that sort of thing is cool.

…is that all? I think that might be all. Whew.


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