In more somber news, today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.


A while back, I was challenged by a radical feminist to seriously consider their objections to transgender rights.  And I have.  I actually have a three-part blog post (eventually) coming on the topic.  It’s proving ridiculously hard to write, because while I’m doing my best to rein in my immediate knee-jerk response and see the other person’s point of view, and while I can admit that SOME of their concerns are legitimate (if, in my mind, disproportionate and exaggerated), I have a hard time soberly weighing their opinion when their actions are so very often hateful, harmful, and cruel.

And indeed, that’s why I can’t work on it today.  Because I honestly can’t lend even lukewarm credence to voices arguing against transgender rights in the face of a reminder that to so many people, this is not an academic question.  Real people die over this issue.  We still live in a country where people I care about, my friends and neighbors and colleagues, can and do get murdered simply for being who they are.

TransGriot posted a link to TDoR events around the world.  Gods willing, I’m hoping to attend one with Su on Sunday.  I urge others to do the same, whether trans or cis.  Those who’ve died deserve to have their names remembered; those who live need the support of their whole community to keep it from happening again.


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