The Kitty Milestone!!



So of course the first thing she did was pull his fur and twist his ear.

We intervened, once we stopped laughing (we’re such awesome parents!), and had a lesson on how to pet the kitty, not grab the kitty. For his part, Emperor Norton (full name: His Imperial Majesty Joseph Norton, Second of that name, Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico) was pretty patient with the whole deal, only moving on when he’d finally had his fill of drool rubbed into his fur. It went well, but we hesitate to repeat the experiment with Miss Barbas (full name: The Black Paladin Barbas, the Great President of Hell and Governor of Thirty-Six Legions of Demons), because while Norton is far crankier than Barbas and thus more likely to take a swipe at, say, a grown man, he’s also demonstrated that he’s intelligent enough to recognize that kittens (even human-shaped ones) are smaller and weaker, and to treat them with a certain amount of gentleness. Barbas, on the other hand, is sweet but stupid and if provoked enough might attack without ever realizing it’s wrong.

At any rate, she’s never really noticed the cats enough to pay attention before. Now she can’t take her eyes off them. It’s kinda cool.


In other news, Lady Su is experiencing her very first head cold. Man, if someone had told me motherhood would mean sucking green snot out of another human being’s nostril, I think I might have passed. She’s lucky she’s cute, ‘s all I’m sayin’.


Around the intarwebs!

* If the minimum wage had risen in step with inflation and productivity since the late sixties, it would be almost $20 an hour today. Woohoo! If I work really really hard and bust my ass for commission, in a year or so I might be making minimum wage! …Suddenly it all makes sense how in the 50’s and 60’s the idea of a single income family with a house, a car, 2.5 adorable children and a dog was not considered ludicrously implausible. (Nah, I’m just kiddin’. My generation is full of lazy slackers just looking for handouts, amirite? No other explanation for rampant poverty and double-income families that still need gov’mint aid.)

* Speaking of us slack-asses on food stamps, this year the ingredients for my traditional Christmas fudge and jam will be bought with my Access card. Why do you hate Christmas, conservatives??? (Although with luck, my benefits will end soon. Gods, I HOPE this job will earn me enough to not need ’em any longer!)

* What do you think women have missed out on with our incessant dieting and make-upping and hair-doing and Zumba-ing and on and on? …Suddenly I no longer feel as bad. I may dress like a hobo and smell like sour milk (the joys of motherhood!), but I’m well-read!

* I think a lot of these men really do think they’re oppressed. In a way, they are. They are oppressed by bullshit masculinity standards that assert that a man’s dignity is tied to never feeling vulnerable, especially around women. Patriarchy Harms Men Too. Spread the news.

* Is it weird that someone like me, who politely dislikes Christianity, tends to be wary of Christians until it’s demonstrated that they’re not going to condemn me out of hand, and gets a little skeeved when confronted with Surprise!crosses and other pointedly Christian symbols in a public place… absolutely adores Christmas? I think it’s weird. I should at least be a good Pagan/secularist and stick to non-religious carols and Pagan-themed rewrites, instead of walking around humming “Do You Hear What I Hear” and “I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day” all month. Oh well. (…this isn’t really from the intarwebs, but there wasn’t really a great place to put it.)


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