Belated Christmas Post

So here are the two (electronic) Christmas cards I sent out this year:



…I do realize that these make me look like a horrible mother.  I can explain!

1) First of all, there was nothing in the cup.  Calm down.  🙂  A dear friend of ours has a birthday close to Christmas, and every year he has a joint Christmas/birthday party to celebrate.  Now, in years past, this has generally ended in drunken debauchery and shenanigans.  However.  This year, the party crowd was a little smaller due to some recent drama, and by some odd coincidence, many of us had recently spawned.  So instead of a party where we drink too much rum and make poor decisions, it became a party where we all sat around and showed off/talked about our offspring.  (And gave them plastic cups to play with because they MAKE NOISE!  And it is AWESOME!)  Whatevs, a good time was had by all.  Maybe this whole “being a grownup” thing isn’t so terrible after all.

2) …ok, no, I really have no excuse for letting my infant daughter french a puppy.  I do want to point out, though, that it was less my choice and more the vagaries of fate and love.   See, Su and Oliver (the puppy) were born on the same day, and ever since they first met, well… they had a bond.  So my brother brought the puppy to Christmas.  They locked eyes across the room.  A look of sublime joy spread across both faces.  Movie music swelled.  They strained towards each other, the baby fighting my grasp, Oliver fighting my brother’s.  Finally, bending to forces too great for us to control, we brought the two together, and the result… well, you see it.

It… it was beautiful.  *sniff*


3 thoughts on “Belated Christmas Post

    • Man, I hope so. That was also the reassurance I gave myself the time she licked my shoe. She’s either going to catch the plague or be immune to EVERYTHING, one or the other!

  1. Eh, worse case scenario, you can take her to a doctor if you notice she is not feeling so well, but keep in mind that we ate a lot as kids that were not advisable, and we ended up okay. Not saying that if you see her licking your shoe you should let her continue until it shines (That would be going a bit too far) but if she takes a lick or two before you can grab it out of her hand, I don’t think there would be much harm. Beside, it is Su’s way of getting a feel for the world. The mouth tends to be more sensitive than hands, so to get a good “feel” for something, she will lick it or put it in her mouth. Most babies do it (Again, please remind me of this when Carly gets older and I start worrying about her attempting to stuff a cat in her mouth lol)

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