PSA – Diet Coke

For the record, I like Diet Coke.  I like the taste.  I’ve drunk it now for about 20 years, maybe more, and I just prefer it – regular cola tastes too sweet and syrupy to me, and while I occasionally like other soda flavors, this one is my favorite.  It is my default beverage.

Therefore, me drinking a diet coke does NOT mean that I am actively trying to lose weight.

This means!

1)  Cute little “har har, lookit that stupid fat girl” comments if I eat, say, a bacon cheeseburger and fries with a diet coke, are not welcome.  They are also not new.  They were telling that joke back in the 80’s, and it wasn’t especially funny then either.  As a grown-ass adult, I am, in fact, well aware that diet coke is not a magic elixir that somehow negates the calories and fat in the rest of my meal.  I just like how it tastes.  (I also like how the rest of my meal tastes, thankyouverymuch.)

2) Ditto for helpfully informing me that “Diet Coke isn’t actually good for losing weight” or that the chemicals in it are just as bad for me as sugar (or corn syrup.)  Yes, thank you, I also know how to read, and am conversant on current nutritional science.  (By virtue of being female in this country, I couldn’t avoid it if I wanted to.)  Here’s another shocker – my husband, the smoker?  He ALSO knows cigarettes are bad for you!  Sometimes we do things because we enjoy them, not because we are under the mistaken impression that they are somehow healthy.

3) Also, please do not assume that everything else I eat will also be sugar-free.  I actually highly, highly dislike the taste of artificial sweeteners in pretty much everything except diet cola (and even then, some brands are ok and some are nasty.)  Even when I AM actively watching my caloric intake, I generally prefer to simply eat less sweets, but eat them with real sugar, than to eat “lite” substitutes.  So while, say, that gift of sugar-free candy is greatly appreciated and I am grateful for the warm thoughts behind it, I am never going to eat it, because it doesn’t taste very good.

Final thought: when you assume things about my lifestyle and knowledge based on what I choose to drink with my lunch, it makes me make this face:



One thought on “PSA – Diet Coke

  1. But on you, that face look adorable! I got you on the diet soda thing. I only drink one specific diet soda because it’s non-diet equivalent actually tastes worse: Diet coke w/ lime. Don’t know why the diet version tastes better with the lime flavoring, it just does.

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