Is it time to judge and shame women for their personal choices??


Is it time to pull out Bitch-You-Don’t-Know-Me Cat??



The weirdest thing I’m coming away with is the idea that apparently, “choice feminism” is a dirty word in some circles. Which… lolwut? Srsly, what kind of feminism are you practicing over there??

Look, let me make this simple. If your feminism does not aggressively embrace the idea that women are individuals, if it does not understand that each woman’s circumstances are her own, if it is not 100% on board with the idea that women can and should have FULL agency to make their own decisions based on their own circumstances, asking permission of no one… then it is no feminism of mine.

And yeah no, I’m sorry, but saying “oh, I’m sure you have your little reasons *pat pat pat*, I’m not saying you’re a bad person for that decision, I’m just saying it’s anti-feminist“… no, sorry, that doesn’t cut it. You are still Lady Judgeypants of Judgeypants Manor, and you are still shaming women for their choices.

You are, in fact, doing the exact opposite of everything my feminism is about – trusting women, respecting women, giving women their agency and treating them like fucking grown-ups. Knock it off.

For non-ragey discussion of the name issue, try:
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