This living room… is CLEAN!!!

Hey, wait, is this a mommy blog?  Oh yeah, it totally is.  In theory.

SO ANYWAY… I cleaned my living room yesterday.

Those of you who’ve been to my house before, take a moment.  Get your jaw back up off the floor.  Get some smelling salts if you need ’em.

And I mean, everything.  I cleaned behind the bar.  I cleaned IN the bar.  I cleaned off, under, and around the table.  I hung things up that belonged on the walls.  I threw things out that needed throwing out.   I moved the cat food to where the baby can’t snack on it anymore.  I got everything dangerous out of the reach of little arms.  I strong-armed SpouseMan into vacuuming.  I did EVERYTHING to transform the living room into a completely safe area where my daughter can crawl around to her little heart’s content, without worrying that she’s going to accidentally kill herself or destroy something.  It took all goddamn day.

And then I found out that our baby gates do not fit the doorway or hallway that lead into the living room.


So of course as soon as we put  her in the middle of the happy little baby-friendly floor, the first thing she did was crawl cheerfully into the kitchen, where she shredded a cardboard box, licked the dirty floor, and tried to escape down the stairs.

Still.  It’s a step.  Next step: the den!

(…give me a few more weeks of this and I might eventually have the sort of house an ADULT might live in!)


2 thoughts on “This living room… is CLEAN!!!

  1. Lol, I got you on the mommy blog thing. I think that for that reason, I am going to make another, “not mommy blog.” One where I can talk about the subjects that are not mommy related. I can also relate on the “need to get around to cleaning also.”

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