I have lots of interesting and insightful posts in my brain to write.

I have a follow-up to the previous post about Femen and Muslim women wearing veils.

I have one about a fascinating social experiment that demonstrates the insidiousness of racism, which can then be extrapolated to other social ills.

I have things to say about the bombs in Boston, and also about the earthquake in Iran, and whether the fact that we know and care more about the former than the latter (even though more people were killed by the earthquake) is evidence of anti-Muslim sentiment, or just the natural phenomenon in which things that happen closer to home “feel” more real than things that happen far away.

They’re all fascinating topics, and I really wanted to get at least one or two of them written while the baby was at daycare today, and maybe also clean the nursery to boot.

But I was rudely awakened at 5-5:30 this morning (note: I am a natural night owl, late to bed and late to rise), and spent almost 2 hours repeatedly changing, feeding, and rocking an infant, pleading over and over in the gentlest tones imaginable that “if the sun’s not up, it’s not morning, babygirl…” all to no avail.  At around seven I gave up and put pants on.  Also I’m sunburned so much it hurts to move, and I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with something nasty.

So fuck it.  I’m gonna play lotro for a while and maybe take a nap.  If I’m feeling super ambitious I’ll get an early start on dinner.

*puts the world on a shelf for the day*


One thought on “Mrfl

  1. I have inhibitions about “liking” posts describing the writer’s problems, but darn this is well written. My sympathies on the miserable start to your day (left to myself, I’d probably go to bed around 1 a.m. and get up around 9, so I really feel for you there, and that’s without even mentioning the unjoys of spending two hours rocking an inconsolable baby), and enjoy your nap, and may life improve by evening.

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