The Worst Song In The World

(TW: violence, rape, murder)

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I’m back!

Yeah, I know it’s been a while.  Sorry.  Too much stuff going on.

Here’s a small run-down of stuff that got missed:

Things that made me angry

  • “Because every time you tell lesbians transwomen are women, you support corrective rape.”  Because obviously if someone wants to have sex with you, and is the gender you’re attracted to, you are required to have sex with them!  …ok, look.  I had a whole post planned out where I was going to deconstruct the absolute ridiculousness of this, but then  I realized – if I have to explain to you what’s wrong with that statement, you need to get off my blog.  I don’t have anything to say to you.  I may be overestimating human intelligence here, but I’m pretty sure even the people who say this shit know it’s fucking stupid – they’re just grasping for a new way to hate trans* people.  (But just in case, here’s the Cliff’s  Notes: just because you’re a lesbian, and just because someone is a woman, nobody is insisting you have to have sex with her.  So calm the fuck down.)
  • In related news, anyone who has a mealy-mouthed explanation for how radical feminists aren’t really hate-filled bags of transphobic scum needs to read this.  Yeah.  Read alllll the way through it.  (TW: anyone who does not harbor a virulent hatred of both transwomen and cismen should probably not read this, as it literally caused me physical nausea to read.)
  • Hey, just so we’re clear: violence committed by Muslims=terrorism.  But violence that is perpetrated AGAINST Muslims=not terrorism.  Everyone got that?
  • A 22-year-old El Salvadoran woman named Beatriz is probably going to die because she is not allowed to terminate her pregnancy – even though there is no chance her fetus would survive anyway.  Because two deaths are better than one!  Yaay, the pro-life mentality!
  • A metric buttload of Chicago schools are closing, because FUCK YOU, EDUCATION!  (And safety!)
  • Iowa is removing all of its homeschooling guidelines and requirements, because FUCK YOU SOME MORE, EDUCATION!
  • George Zimmerman’s lawyers have released photos and texts from Trayvon’s phone that paint him in a “bad” light – including talking about pot and skipping school, and flipping a middle finger.  Wow.  Huh.  Welp, guess we were all wrong to be upset about that murder, huh?  Heaven knows, if you do all that shit, it’s ok to shoot you.
  • On a much more personal level, I got called a “blonde bimbo” on Twitter!  No, really! It was hilarious – I got into my very first Twitter troll-war!  (I was gonna post the tweets in question, but WordPress is being silly about the formatting, so NEVERMIND!)

SpouseMan, upon hearing this: “Well, look at the bright side!  Bimbos are supposed to be stupid but sexy, right?  He’s saying you’re sexy!”

Me: “…that makes it worse.  My sexiness is reserved for intelligent people.”


Things that made me think

Things that made me happy

  • Susannah is crawling and standing and I’d bet even money will be walking in a matter of days or MAYBE weeks!  This isn’t actually that new but I’m still all excited about it!
  • New mattress!  Neeeeewwwwww mattress!!!!  We combined a Groupon and a clearance sale and got it super cheap.  And it is so comfy!  No more feeling like I’m gonna roll off if I get too close to the edge!  No more sharp things poking me in the back when I try to relax!  It is soft and sturdy and it feels like sleeping on a cloud…
  • We got to go to Florida Pagan Gathering Beltaine!  It rained pretty much the whole time we were there, which was less than awesome, but it was still an amazing time.  And for the first time I went camping with a baby and with no other adults, I think it went better than it could have 😛
  • Full Moon Beach Trips have started again.  If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it 😉
  • Whole swaths of my house are now clean!
  • Silver lining from the Chicago closings: if anyone sees this kid, you need to give him a HUG.  Because he is AWESOME.
  • This:

Anyway.  That’s some of what was going on while I was away.

(In addition to the things I linked to, h/t to Trudy, Fatihah Iman, Sydette, and Kaoru for various things mentioned here.)


(From the TERF quotes list:) Bonobobabe: Most women don’t like penetration all that much (if they are brutally honest with themselves and not a fun fem). I can’t imagine having a dick shoved into a surgical wound would feel so much more wonderful than what real women feel when a dick is put inside their real vaginas.


Good news for people who like good news

(Yes, the title is a shameless steal from Fred Clark.)

Lake County has (finally) given approval for 8th-grader Bayli Silberstein to start a chapter of the GSA in her school.

If you haven’t been following this story (and really, if you don’t live in Florida, why would you?), a while back, Bayli tried to start a GSA club.  The school said “Uh, no.  Fuck gay kids.”  Bayli then turned to the ACLU, which said “Uhh… if you allow other clubs, you have to allow this one, because laws.”  The school then said, “Well fine then, NO NON-ACADEMIC CLUBS ALLOWED, suck on it.”  Bayli, the ACLU, and pretty much everyone else said “…you guys are dicks, you know that?”

So anyway, it went to the school board.

Which hemmed and hawed and played stupid games.  Those of you who know me IRL or follow me on Twitter may remember my rage when I drove an hour and a half to the school board hearing on the topic, only to learn they’d tabled the discussion.  Which would effectively leave the current  policy in place until after Bayli graduated.

Well, apparently mine wasn’t the only rage.  The ACLU decided they had Had Enough, and filed a lawsuit.  And on May 2nd, the school board backed the fuck down.  Bayli is now allowed to start her club.

In her own words:

“I’m just so happy that our club is finally going to be allowed to meet,” stated Silberstein, an 8th-grader at Carver Middle School. “There’s only about a month left of school, but that’s still a month we can use to start doing the work to make this school a safer and more welcoming place.”

Congrats, Bayli.