Filibuster, part deux

This has been an emotionally wringing evening.

I listened to the extremely triggery personal stories being read out during the filibuster.  I sent in one of my one, in which I dwelt more on the subject of my own depression than I really felt comfortable doing.  (Denial may not be a healthy long-term plan, but short-term it’s often better than the alternative.)  There was hope and despair and hope again and anger and pride and an AMAZING swell of heart-bursting joy there at the end…

And now this.

We won.  We WON, gods dammit all to hell.  And then they pushed the vote through after midnight, and released it to the press as if it were valid.

Trying to console others – trying to console myself – with the fact that it is AMAZINGLY fucking illegal.  Which means even if they do win tonight, it ain’t over.  They held us to the letter of the law every step of the way, while they played fast and loose with it – every step of the way.  It WILL be fought.  It will be brought before the courts, every court that will hear it, until it is defeated.  And those senators who forswore their duty and betrayed their constituents, every eye was on them tonight and they WILL reap the rewards for their mealy-mouthed dishonesty.  It’s not especially comforting right now, I know.  But it absolutely goddamn will happen.

I believe.  I still believe.  I believe in the rule of law, and I believe in justice, and I believe that those who have right on their side will win in the long run.  And FUCK anyone who tries to take that belief away.

EDIT:  Lol, some douchecanoe on Twitter goes “We had terrorist in the Texas State Senate opposing SB 5”  Yeah, ok, buddy – people using their voice and participating in the American democratic process, trying to uphold the rule of law, those are TOTES the same thing as terrorists.

Update: as of 6 minutes ago, Sen. Watson said they’re still in chamber trying to figure out what happened.  It ain’t over til it’s over, folks.

Update 2:34 – Senate called a caucus, folks.  It is still up in the air.  People are still there.  STAY FOR WENDY!

3:04 – announcement coming up.  Stay tuned.

3:14 – rumor has it bill is dead but I have yet to get confirmation from a reliable source.


3:20 – holy shit holy shit.  the bill is dead.  It is officially dead.  We just got an official announcement from Cecile Richards.  The crowd in the rotunda is chanting “WENDY! WENDY!” and the bill is officially dead.

…and now they’re chanting “The people united will never be defeated” and i am tearing up.

Ok kids.  I am officially out of emotions.  I am going to bed.  We goddamn won.  Democracy won one tonight, folks.  And it was amazing.


2 thoughts on “Filibuster, part deux

  1. we DID win…the Repubs tried to shut her down shortly before midnight, using a very lame 3-strikes rule, but the onlookers were so incensed about this obvious wrong power play that they shouted and carried on so that the TX legislature couldn’t get a vote out on the subject. So it was called for the “good guys”
    This is not to say that Perry won’t bring it up again in another special session. Let’s hope that people will do as you have asked and get their stories to Wendy and that she (or SOMEONE) will again do what it takes to do the will of the people.

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