The day the mainstream news media just laid down and accepted their fate

So last night was goddamn historic.  Wendy Davis talked, with no food, water, breaks, or support, for 12 hours straight (and then stayed standing for the last hour.)  The state Capitol was filled to capacity with people in orange shirts opposing the bill.  The supporters of the bill shut her down (ignoring their own rules to do so – as she only had 2 points of order on “germane-ness” and one on aid, not three on germane-ness which means legally she should have STILL BEEN TALKING.)

But we wouldn’t give up.  Her allies stalled.  And stalled.  And called the… speaker?  Guy in charge?  Mr. President – anyway, called him out on his bullshit and his twisting of the rules time and time again. And were ignored and talked over and had mikes cut off.  Senators debated whose turn it was to talk.  With mere minutes left to go before midnight one woman – whose name I do not know but her father had just died but she was there anyway – literally asked, “At what point must a female senator raise her voice or her hand to be recognized over her male colleagues in the room?”  And the room fucking EXPLODED.  (Leticia Van De Putte – that is her name and she is AMAZING.)

They tried to talk over her.  They tried to take a vote.  They couldn’t.  People were chanting, screaming, singing.  It was amazing and it was beautiful. He kept banging the gavel and asking for order and everyone was like “NOPE!”  And then… and then it was midnight.

And they took the vote on the bill anyway.  And reported the result to the AP.

They even tried to change the official timestamp, forgetting somehow that the internet is a THING now and there’s about a million and a half screencaps of the original floating around.

People were arrested.  There are pictures of little old ladies being led off in handcuffs.  They blocked the doors while the Senate had a private caucus,  and state troopers confiscated the water donated to the activists inside.  Until more than 3 hours later, when the Republicans finally, grudgingly admitted that they’d lost – the bill was dead.

And through it all, we watched.  We watched hours of official Senate proceedings, and when they turned those cameras off, we watched 3 hours of shaky blurry phone-camera footage of people milling about in the rotunda, just waiting for results.  Nearly 100,000 people, in Texas and out of Texas and around the world, watched.  Friends of mine who are amazingly nonpolitical under normal circumstances stayed up and watched.  This was historic.  This is going to be a story for years to come.  This was a triumph of democracy, of the people forcing their voices to be heard despite leaders trying to silence them.  It was inspiring and humbling and amazing.

…meanwhile, CNN talked about the caloric content of blueberry muffins.

So… have they just given up the fight?  Has mainstream news media just ceded to the internet, is that what’s happened??  Cuz that… that’s kinda sad.


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