Conversations about my toddler

Me: I love how fearless she is.  So confident, so secure – she’s never scared of anything!

SpouseMan: Honestly, there are some things I wish she had a little more fear of.

Me: …like the probable consequences of what she’s doing right now?


SM: …like gravity, yeah.


So yes, we have a climbing baby 🙂  It’s true, though, she is pretty fearless.  She’ll cry from anger or frustration or temporary pain, but not because she’s afraid or insecure.  The closest she comes occasionally is apprehensive (or “danger-aware,” in the same way that Benjamin is “lion-aware.”)


This. Is. Bullshit.

Trigger warning: this post is discussing stalking, harassment, and gaslighting, specifically relating to recent events concerning Ana Mardoll, Xavier Damman, and the individual known only as “ElevatorGate.”  

If you do not wish to read about this, please do not click the “more” link.  If you’re reading this through a feed and do not wish to read the rest, here is a giant picture of a cute kitten to act as a buffer while you close this:



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