True Story

Me: I was really upset last night.  Like, in a really bad place.  So a friend of mine had me play a video game for catharsis, and… long story short I may have broken his keyboard by throwing it across the room (and traumatized his cat.)

Hypothetical Other Person: Wow, Kristy, that sounds like some really poor anger management.  Maybe you ought to seek help for –

Me: The game was Endless Staircase.

HOP: …Oh.  Oh.  Oh you poor dear.  Are you going to be okay?


Andrew described the Endless Staircase game to me and I was all like “oh, I’m a big girl, I can take it, bring it on.”  Completely forgetting, of course, that I’m the same “big girl” who shrieked her head off every single time she saw Slenderman in the videos.  Every.  Time.

On the plus side, by the time it was done, I was so relieved that it was over that I didn’t have any energy left to be upset and stressed any more.

On the minus side, we still haven’t found the volume control button from the keyboard and the cat may never forgive me.


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