Curious Translator Microbes

Maybe there’s some kind of translation problem.

Maybe, when I write things like “if you are from the site in question, you are not welcome here,” it’s being run through some sort of faulty Universal Translator or something, so that the people from SKA are reading something completely different.

Something like “please share your opinion with me, I’m super interested.”  Or “yes I would LOVE to have the same argument for the billionth time with people who purposefully misunderstand everything I say!”  Or my personal favorite, “I would be THRILLED to educate you on the history of your own website, that totally sounds like a productive and enjoyable use of my time.”

(I actually, no-shit-I-can’t-make-this-up, got a comment from someone using the name “Not A Troll.”  Like, wow.  That is just SUPER convincing.  It is a known fact that trolls must own up to their trollish nature, so if someone claims not to be one, welp, case closed I guess.  *all of the eyerolls*)

So let me try again.  Maybe if I’m more explicit, we can get around those pesky translator microbes.  If you are coming here from SKA?  I do not care what you have to say.  I really don’t.  I’m done with you.  I’m done trying to teach you logic or basic human decency.  I’m done trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.  I don’t care if you think you have a legitimate gripe.  I don’t care if you’re really nice deep down inside.  I don’t care if you think I’m a big mean meanyhead.  I don’t care if you think you’re holding out some tantalizing promise like “oh I’ll totes be on your side, just answer some questions for me!”  Answer your questions your own goddamn self, I’m not here for you.

I don’t even really care if you’ve suddenly seen the light and want to apologize.  I’m not the one you need to apologize to.

I don’t care.  I don’t fucking care.  I will not answer your questions, I will not engage your assertions.  Your comments will not get through the moderation filter.  I am not here for you.  I don’t like you, I don’t believe for two seconds that you’re operating in good faith, and I don’t want you on my blog.

Fuck off.


6 thoughts on “Curious Translator Microbes

  1. I’m sorry they’re following you, that really sucks. You’d think they’d give it a rest finally.

    I’ve been wanting a chance to tell you – this whole thing has been heartbreaking for me, and I imagine even worse for you as someone so closely involved with the administration of it all. I really respect how strong and angry you’ve been. The ability to react that way instead of falling apart is not a skill I have, but I wish I did, and I’m glad Ana has a champion who does.

    • You’d think they’d give it a rest finally.

      IKR??? (It’s especially funny to me because this blog is NOT, like, a global platform here. I rarely post, and when I do it’s mostly for my own benefit, to get my thoughts down and maybe share them with a handful of people. I have maybe 5 regular readers, one of whom is my mother! So I really don’t know what they even think they’re going to accomplish. I can only assume that with Ana and Melissa gone, they’re just really bored – because they have nothing better to do with their lives, because nobody wants to spend time with them, because they’re awful people. So they try to come over here and start shit with me, then get bent out of shape when they run into a big brick wall of NOPE. Poor babies. Being forced to respect someone else’s rules must suck so hard for them.)

      You are an absolute sweetheart. Believe me, I’m falling apart plenty, I’ve just had to learn a long time ago to channel it into anger. Reminding myself that it’s okay to be angry, that anger is in fact the appropriate response to bullying, has been very helpful to me. But it is also ok to just feel hurt and sad!

      How are you holding up?

      • I’m okay, sad mostly. I want things to be right and people to behave themselves, and it never seems to happen that way.

      • *offers hugs and cookies* I’m so sorry, hon. I just keep wishing there were some magical combination of words that would make people realize what they’re doing, and I’m having to accept that it probably doesn’t exist. Some people are just gonna be jerks, and there is no version of “please stop” that’ll get through to them.

        I am choosing to be optimistic, though. I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, but I’m choosing to believe that we’ll figure something out and find a way to keep going strong.

    • “Tiny,” huh? Gotta get in the short joke, huh? 😛

      *hugs back* Thanks, hon. Honestly at this point the fact that they keep trying to fuck with me is more funny than anything else. I just wish they’d back the fuck off of Ana.

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